Samsung Quietly Drops the Price of Blu-Ray Disc Player

Samsung Electronics, a leading maker of various equipment, has quietly started to sell its BD-P1400 Blu-ray disc (BD) player for $299 in certain locations. The decision moves Blu-ray format into the same price range as HD DVD players from Toshiba that support 1080p output and may pose a serious threat to the standard pushed by Microsoft and Toshiba.

At press time, Best Buy, Circuit City and Costco offered Samsung BD-P1400 players for $299, which is tangibly below the official manufacturer suggested retail price of $499 for the device, reports HighDefDigest web-site. Unfortunately, it is still not completely clear whether the price slash is temporary, or end-users will be able to get the BD-P1400 for $299 going forward too.

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Well, this is a Profile 1.0 player, so it's quite normal that they would want to sell it for cheap.

I'll keep my HD-DVD on my Xbox360 for now.... The only Blu-Ray player that I would buy is a Sony PS3.

Depends on who you listen to really... I can't count how many posts I've read stating why Warner are going Blu-Ray only, or going HD DVD only It's good to see prices coming down for Blu-Ray hardware at last, though for now I still prefer HD DVD - Region free, cheaper hardware, full spec. from the start (None of this Profile 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 BS that Blu-Ray has going on; current Blu-Ray players will be obsolete within a year when Profile 2 becomes mandatory, much like Profile 1.0 players are with Profile 1.1s introduction).

I would like to see BD win, but it needs to happen soon so we can all just get on with life and start buying HD films in the right format. How long must this take?

wow thats pretty cheap , considering warner "might" be going blu-ray only i think HD-DVD will be dead in the water soon touch wood

Warner "might" be going HD DVD exclusive. Not Blu-Ray exclusive. They can't get all their PiP features to work on Blu-Ray's crappy setup.... Sony are even taking a while on updating the PS3 for 1.1 profile compliance, that's how much of a pain it is.
You only need load of some of the games or menus which use some of the more "advanced" Blu-Ray features to see how slow and inefficient it is.
Warner have favoured HD DVD from the beginning.

No, the HD-DVD advantage is all moot now that profile 1.1 is compulsory for new players, Also warner's releases that are on both formats have always sold more on BD so they would be throwing that away.