Samsung Quietly Ships 1TB Hard Disk Drive

Samsung Electronics has quietly started to ship 1TB storage solutions that use much more advanced media that any other products from competitors. Samsung's SpinPoint F1 HDDs use just three 334GB platters, a record in both areal density as well as platter capacity. By contrast, 1TB drives from Hitachi and Seagate use five 200GB and four 250GB platters, respectively. Samsung claims that thanks to only three platters versus four of five that rivals' products feature, its SpinPoint F1 will be generally more reliable.

The new device series runs at 7200 RPM, is available with 16MB or 32MB cache (depending on the model) and is designed for the Serial ATA-300 interface with native command queuing. The manufacturer declares a 8.9ms average read seek time and a 4.17ms average latency. The new drives are equipped with a set of Samsung's proprietary technologies that lower acoustics levels and improve performance. Besides 1TB hard drives, SpinPoint F1 family also includes 320GB, 500GB and 750GB models. Samsung SpinPoint F1 drives are now shipping to the company's customers. Suggested retail price is unclear.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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huh i have an old segate 545MB HDD that still works as good as the day i bought it it has an install of DOS 6.22+win3.11 on half of it and windows 95a on the second half everynow and then i take it out and plug it in just to see if its still going and it just keeps on tickin along but hey 1TB HDD's now thats cool :nuts: just might have to get rid of my 2x80GB raid 0 1x250GB storage 1x40GB win98se 1x40GB game image store and just get 3 or 4 put two in raid 0 and use the rest to backup my games and dvd's lol

I've had SpinPoints for a few years now and haven't had one issue with them yet. Compare that with the two Seagate's I just recently had to RMA within three weeks of each other and you'll understand why

can't find a price after searching quickly... anyone know how much they are? 500gig's are going for $120 or less now... nice!

I've rencently ordered a Hitachi 7K1000.
This one might be faster because of the 3 platter design, but I don't trust Samsung for hard drives

Helba said,
That's cool!

When did we first hit 1 gig, again?

And what's the next milestone?

I believe Petabyte is next, or 1024TB's.
After that comes exabyte.