Samsung replaces its head of mobile design

Chang Dong-hoon, Samsung’s head of mobile design has resigned. The news comes in the midst of what seems like a lukewarm reception to Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S5Chang will be replaced by Lee Min-hyouk, VP of mobile design. According to Reuters, Samsung has declined to state exactly why these changes have occurred.​​

Lee will be a natural replacement. He is responsible for designing the Galaxy series​, which has spearheaded Samsung’s rise in the mobile industry. The Galaxy series is credited for Samsung selling nearly double the amount of smartphones as its rival, Apple. However the Galaxy series is also what has caused some recent legal issues.

With Samsung’s lackluster designs for its recent devices, it remains to be seen whether Lee will be able to make an impact on the company's upcoming flagship. Although Samsung won’t become HTC anytime soon, it is a cautionary tale of what could happen to a company that becomes stagnant.

And although Chang has resigned his position, he isn't moving to another company just yet. Chang will become the new lead of Samsung’s design center, the team that oversees Samsung's overall design strategy. So it's not clear if we'll see any actual design changes soon.

Source: ReutersImage via Forbes

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I doubt he's even been in the office for the last 3 years, what the hell has changed about their dull cheap plastic products lately?

And this "So it's not clear if we'll see any actual design changes soon."; I think we can if someone from the Galaxy team is taking over; no changes here.

The only reason Samsung are successful is because of good advertising and people being ignorant (the two go hand in hand). These design guys have done nothing.

I want to ask him as to how can one be so conservative and uncreative when designing a smartphone. Even GIONEE is making better looking phones than Samsung.

Steve121178 said,
How hard can it be to hire someone who can 'design' cheap plastic Apple knock-offs?

You mean the overprices toys Apple sells to the iSheeps?

myxomatosis said,

You mean the overprices toys Apple sells to the iSheeps?

Overpriced compared to what? Guess what the Galaxy phones cost?...

I'd say the whole Apple fiasco is why he "resigned". Maybe now Samsung will come up with their own ideas and Apple will finally find something better to do.

I thought he was sacked after the s3 was released the phones seam to have not changed much in style since then.