Samsung set to buy SanDisk?

The flash memory market is abuzz as Korean news sources, along with Reuters and Bloomberg, are reporting that Samsung Electronics is thinking about buying SanDisk. A Samsung spokespersn, James Chung, said: "We are considering various opportunities regarding SanDisk but nothing has been decided.''

Korea-based Samsung is the world's largest NAND Flash memory maker and it pays KRW400bn ($351m) each year in royalties to SanDisk. The Asus Eee PC and the Apple iPhone, for example, use Samsung flash chips. SanDisk owns Flash memory patents and makes Flash-based MP3 players, memory cards and solid-state drives (SSDs). It posted poor results at the end of July, with an unexpected Q2 loss of $68m compared to a $28m profit in the year-ago quarter.

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More money in the right pocket, in my opinion.

If Samsung is on top of their game (which I think they are) this will give them more money for development.

This = Good.

Speaking as someone that used to work for SanDisk, SanDisk has been in a financial panic for nearly a year now. They have tried many cost-cutting measures such as outsourcing their technical and customer support to the Philippines, India, Romania, and China, while barely giving them any training on how to troubleshoot the products. This may be the thing that digs SanDisk out of the grave they've put themselves into.