Samsung set to unveil curved screen smartphone in October

Samsung's newly announced smartphones could be the way of the future.

Samsung's head of strategic marketing D.J Lee has revealed plans to unveil a smartphone with a curved display screen in October.

The executive made the announcement during a company event, where the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy note 3 smartphone were also officially launched. Lee gave limited information about the release, stating that the phone will be introduced in October. The release date, design and price have not been mentioned – to the dismay of Samsung fans.

The unprecedented technology will allow the phones to be folded and bent, increasing durability and flexibility. The screen will also be made of plastic, which could provide for an almost indestructible screen. As seen on this video, senior vice president of Samsung's display lab Brian Berkeley showed a prototype in action. While proving that the technology exists, they also teased a smartphone which can also open up to a small tablet! 


While it has already released a line of curved OLED televisions, the company may face issues with flexible handheld models due to certain components which cannot bend, such as the battery.

Earlier in the year, the leading technology consumer brand proved curved screens were not only possible, but held advantages over flat, rectangular screens. The televisions proved the revolutionary screens could offer more pixels, providing for an immersive viewing experience. The curved screens also showed how one does not have to be sat in the center of the screen to gain the full viewing pleasure. We would presume these advantages will be carried over to the next-generation handheld models.

While there has been no word on availability in nations other than South Korea, the announcement still comes as exciting news to tech-heads who have anticipated the news for years. 

Source: CNN | Image via Digital Spy

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Pretty sure most mobile companies' RnD departments have already experimented with this tech. Samsung have just pulled the masterstroke, however, by being first to advertise it.

Minority Report was definetely on the money in most of its future predictions... but still the big next thing for smartphones and gadget have not arrived yet, by that I mean battery matter how efficient and powerful device is, the great barrier is still power source.

amnesia- said,
That chick in the commercial is a tech whore.

I like her "whoah" reaction when she sees the black dude's even bigger display...

Spicoli said,
You'd only bend it once during assembly. I don't think they meant you could make a product where you bend it routinely.

3:16/57 - unfolding single-screen.

4:12 - unfurling screen.

The illusion seems pretty clear to me.

Unfolds to a tablet...been wondering when this was going to happen, love the idea, hope it works, too many companies release things too soon just to say they did it firs...ahem (bad smart watches)

if its android it can cure cancer, make you dinner or curve around your wrist, still remains the same cheap laggy malware-ridden trash with an ugly touchwiz suite pulled over it

This looks amazing - fantastic potential for loads of devices here - love to see a newspaper style device with this, perfect for ebook readers too....

Would I be cynical to wonder when we'll be hearing about the IPhone7s with Apple's revolutionary iFlex technology in the mainstream press?
Because as the popular media knows *only* Apple innovates whereas quite often all they do is market other people's innovations more effectively and in nicer packaging...

It raises a legitimate point though. How will Apple be able to compete with this, other than to implement the same tech in their own phones? It will be interesting to see what they do.

lmaobox said,
those troll posts are getting old

I'm saying that this is a fantastic looking product.

My point is if this was an Apple product reveal it would be plastered all over BBC, CNN etc all the proper news outlets that non tech people read as the next amazing new thing - I bet this won't be covered in the same way.

I've got no axe to grind either way, I don't have any great love for Samsung any more than anyone else, but respect where it's due this is potentially revolutionary.

I don't understand how this could be construed as trolling.

I'm of the opinion that you should buy the right tool for the job and at the right price whoever makes it, and not to be seduced by marketing.

rippleman said,
samsung didn't make it, they are just buying the screens for their new phones... microsoft/apple can buy them too
What? You are aware Samsung Electronics do make their own display technology...right? I mean show me a Samsung device that isn't using a Samsung design and manufactured screen.

No I do think this is pretty cool, just thought it deserved the exact same statement people give to apple 'innovations' though.