Samsung: The next best thing since sliced bread will be curved phones; PROMISE!

At least, that's probably what they're thinking.

Samsung has been showing off prototypes of flexed and curved device displays for a while now, and a few weeks ago, Samsung's head of strategic marketing D.J Lee claimed it would announce a smartphone with a curved display screen sometime in October. Now it looks like the well known Internet gadget leaker "evleaks" has posted a render of what that device might look like.

The evleaks Twitter feed's latest update today contains the above image and the caption, "Do not adjust your display." The render shows what looks like a Samsung Galaxy S4 that has been depressed by a rather heavy boot, with a display that curves inwards. The phone looks like it is running a version of Android. When Samsung showed off a curved display prototype at a CES 2013 press event in January, the company used Windows Phone as the OS.

This would seem to indicate that Samsung is very close to revealing more details about the smartphone, perhaps as soon as this week. On Monday, rival smartphone maker LG announced it had started mass production of the first flexible 6-inch OLED displays, which means LG could make its own curved smartphone announcement very soon as well.

Source: evleaks on Twitter

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Steven Parker said,
I doubt this particular phone is bendable.

Right this phone is not bendable .. only curved screen... but like I said, in the future, bendable phones will be out in a few years.. I provided the link, a few posts up.

shozilla said,

Right this phone is not bendable .. only curved screen... but like I said, in the future, bendable phones will be out in a few years.. I provided the link, a few posts up.

Man, a bendable phone with a quality screen would be difficult to manufacture. Also, extremely expensive.

Edit: Just saw your link.

The only possible benefit I can see out of this is if somebody dropped their phone and it landed screen down on a hard flat surface (and without any additional protection), the screen would not contact the ground, instead the bezel would make contact. Leading to less screen damage from dropped phones.

Aside from that, WTF are they thinking?

I think LG just showed a curve screen where some type of phone information was showing on the side, which make the curve screen more usable.

Ironic considering the same year design goes flat due to fashion (i.e. IOS7, YouTube logo, Google branding etc).

BUY IT... Because "Curved" is the new "Flat".
So, now we are getting back to CRT-like curved screens.... lol.

Wonder what's next? Well... conic displays. Why? Just because we can™. ;-)

PS: On a more serious tone, there is no ****ing point in making a curved phone screen if it's not bendable. Otherwise is just change for the sake of change... and money milking, i forgot.

I can see the benefit of not having it hit the ground when you drop it flat. Also didn't they have computer monitors like this? Inward bend. Helps with 3d imaging. They had one in the movie Paycheck. Also easier to reach with your thumbs. Maybe easier on the eyes also. Just a few ideas.

I was planning on getting a Note3 to replace my Note1, but with all of this curved screen
stuff, I think I'll go with the Nexus5 as a stop gap, until maybe mid next year, to see how this whole flexible screen plays out. I would LOVE IT, if someone would release say a 5-6" screen device, but, when you open it up, it becomes a 10-12" tablet.

I don't see the reason of a curved screen for a phone. For very big TV screens yes, but phone displays are too small for that. Just to prove they can, is not a reason...

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