Samsung's Android flip-phone to be Galaxy Golden

When it comes to Android devices, there are a variety of form factors from which buyers can choose. However, you might have noticed the lack of a decent flip-phone in this new playing field; the form factor simply disappeared as smartphones took precedence in the global market.

We previously reported on the 'Galaxy Folder', a confusing entry to Samsung's plethora of devices. Combining Android and a T9 keyboard, it didn't exactly sound like an outstanding combination. Undeterred, it could release under the name 'Galaxy Golden'. Can you guess why?

The specifications we initially reported - 480x800 WVGA display, Android 4.2 and a Snapdragon 800 - seem about right. We now know the screen is 3.7" as well, so respectable for such an odd form factor. As the inset picture shows, there's also a screen for use when the phone's flipped down.

The internal model name of SHV-E400 has changed, becoming 'E700' instead. Furthermore, it seems likely that the K and S versions are going to be carrier specific (KT Corporation and SK Telecom), as the device is only releasing in South Korea.

All in all, the phone doesn't seem terrible... but would you want another flip-phone?


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panacea said,
LOL at the time on the outside screen


must be a coincidence. silly me

Good catch Spicolli. I know a few people that refuse to use anything but dumb phones, this might finally be the bridge they need. Then again, dumb phones might become a lot more popular...burners will always have a place too.

Makes perfect sense as it is now possible to offer Android on a phone that once didn't have the sort of processing power and memory required to run it. It'll be interesting to see how much traction is gained particularly in the market out there of people who aren't interested in the high cost associated with smart phones and just want something that is a dumb phone but with a few extra bells and whistles.

Two words - dumbphone alternative.

I would not mind seeing this phone (or a similar smartphone) being out there as an alternative to dumbphones or even feature phones - not everyone needs 3G/4G or LTE for data on a phone. (What if the wireless on such a phone was wifi-only? At a featurephone/dumbphone price, why wouldn't lower-end phone owners bite?) It could even work for lifeline-type ("Obama-phone") markets.