Samsung releases Galaxy Gear commercial, ups the creepy factor

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch appears to have been less than a huge success for Samsung. The watch, which packs in everything including the kitchen sink, has been on sale for a few months and while official sales numbers have not been released, initial figures did not appear to be all that great.

So what do you do when you need to help move more units? You create an advertisement and that’s exactly what Samsung has done. The problem here, though, is that that advertisement is a bit awkward and the ‘creepy’ factor is likely not going to help sell any more watches.

The advertisement, which is 2m 30s long, has an individual wearing the smartwatch following around an attractive female. The entire purpose of the commercial is to show how you can use the smart watch but the entire clip comes off as a way to pick up a mate in various situations using the many features of the watch.

Seriously, the guy in the clip is following around the lady in the clip, snapping pictures of her, getting her number and when she drops her phone she drops it and they had to use the ‘find my phone’ feature to locate the device when it was surely right next to their feet) he helps her locate it…such a hero. The clip feels like anything but a natural conversation and the heavily scripted advertisement leaves a lot of room for improvement in the acting department.

While we don’t know if Samsung will share this clip out side of YouTube, we can’t see it winning the hearts of many with its creepy vibes.

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So while a genuine, okay guy wants to approach a girl with charm, the ASSWIPE creeper/stalker is made to look cool because he has a piece of **** on his wrist?

They disable comments, it's a sure sign that the product got too much negative feedback xD

I just thought the one part was funny where he drops his phone off the ski lift, his reaction is hilarious, very good acting and believable.. He's all "Oh my Gawd!!"

2:30 is way too long for an ad! Who would put themselves through that? Then again I feel like 1 sec is too long for an ad. So how do they plan on getting people to view this ad and keep their eyeballs on it for the entire length?

1. The acting on this commercial was pure cheese and poorly done.
2. That girl is so gullible and ditsy to fall for that.
3. This ad only proves how creepy and the abuse that will happen with predators who wear 'smart gear'.

dsl55dsl said,
Has much as I am a tech junkie. Nothing will ever replace a automatic watch on my wrist. The art of Watchmaking amazing.

Maybe one day I will be able to afford:

Especially the self winding ones by movement of the hand / arm.

There's a flood of new mechanical watches but be careful, the fact they have to have a tolerance of how many seconds they can lose in a 24 hour period >< aka a bit on the cheap side.

So they have a supersensitive touch screen that perfectly works with the very thick gloves normally worn while doing winter sports? Nokia will be jealous

Nokia's phones already have super sensitive screens that work with gloves. My Lumia 920 works with my thick winter gloves fine.

soo what's so creepy about that looks fine to me probably wouldn't say that when apple produces theirs . and they use a lot of creepy people

This soooo makes me want to go out and spend £350 on a full hd phone with 13mp camera and then buy a watch so i can use 320px display to take 1.9mp photos.

haha well put!

I really only the see the benefit of these watches to do the following: checking any notifications, calendar agenda, etc... and maybe the time....

that's all I'll use it for...

I've never seen a commercial quite as creepy and predatory as this. Did they really think this is the image they'd want their consumer electronics associated with?

In real life:
"Here, give me your number."
Girl: "Uh, no..."
Jack spends the rest of the day alone, sadly talking to his watch.

Mr. Hand said,
No amount of commercials will make people want big, ugly watches.

People said the same about big smartphone and now they are pretty common.