Samsung's Super Bowl TV ad teaser; Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd have issues

While it's looking like Microsoft is not going to launch a Super Bowl 2013 ad at the last minute, two big tech companies, Samsung and BlackBerry, will be spending a ton of money to have their latest TV commercials shown during the single biggest live TV event of the year.

While BlackBerry has yet to offer any information on what its Super Bowl commercial will be like, Samsung has gone ahead and posted up a teaser for its Super Bowl ad on YouTube. The clip features actors Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd meeting with an unnamed (and fictional, we presume) Samsung executive as they try to discuss what the two movie stars can create for the commercial.

The teaser is actually quite funny as Rogen and Rudd are constantly told that they can't say "Super Bowl" in their ad, nor mention the exact names of the two teams that will be playing on Sunday. Rudd finally says, "We are doing a commercial for The Big Plate, featuring the San Francisco 50 minus-one-ers and the Baltimore Black Birds."

Let's hope the actual ad is as funny as this teaser. We expect that Apple might get slammed again, too.

Source: Samsung on YouTube

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A few comments:
- This ad-teaser has significantly decreased the likelihood of me buying whatever product it was supposed to be promoting
- What the hell do people see in Paul Rudd? Or Seth Rogan for that matter.
- FTA "..unnamed (and fictional, we presume) Samsung executive as.." - That is actor/comedian Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad), the only person in the ad with any actual talent (although you might not think so given the hot bulls**t he's given to work with).

The whole, you can't use the word "SuperBowl" is pretty ridiculous, but given that bit of comedy, it doesn't help this commercial at all. Personally, I think it's pretty damn stupid.

"Super Bowl" is trademarked, which is why most places advertising something to do with it will call it "The Big Game" (stock up on snacks for "The Big Game!"). They don't want to pay royalties.