San José, California's government to use Office 365 and other Microsoft services

Microsoft has been busy signing up a number of large government contracts for its Office 365 software service over the past several months, including the city of Chicago earlier this year. Today, Microsoft announced yet another major city government will be using Office 365, and this city is located right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Microsoft's press release states that the 5,000 government employees of San José, California will now use Office 365 for its productivity software needs. Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, but they were approved in a meeting of the San José City Council in June.

In a statement, Vijay Sammeta, San José chief information officer, said that the contract to use Office 365 will not only save the government money but will also simply the city's needs by buying access to one product, rather than a number of different software solutions that might not work well with each other. He added, "By making this investment in technology, our staff will have up-to-date, enterprise-class cloud productivity tools, allowing us to catch up several product generations at once.”

In addition to Office 365, the city of San José will also use Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud services, along with StorSimple, for its cloud data storage and backup needs.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Um. I live in Santa Clara, right next to San Jose, and have NEVER seen ANY signs that have the "e" in "Jose" accented. please fix this.

San José is the official spelling, just take a look at the city hall address on the bottom of their website:
Obviously, since the é isn't used very often, it is okay to drop the accent in things like signage and the city logo and people will still be able to know what it is referring to.


You never see it spelled that way unless you go downtown and look at some of the city government agency buildings.


Aryeh Goretsky

This has got irk Google to no end. First the County of Santa Clara goes O365, and now the City of San Jose. Imagine if the City of Mountain View goes with O365, although Microsoft also has a fairly large presence in Mountain View as well.