Screenshots of MegaUpload's successor, Mega, released

Nearly a year ago, the popular file sharing website MegaUpload was shut down by the U.S. government, which claimed the site was the bastion for online piracy. Its founder, Kim Dotcom, was arrested, along with several other MegaUpload team members.

While the court case between Dotcom and the U.S. government is still going through the motions, Dotcom has already announced plans to launch a new file sharing service, called simply Mega. Today, Dotcom took to his Twitter account and posted up three screenshots that show off parts of Mega.

The most interesting screenshot is of the file manager interface, shown above. The UI definitely has a look that reminds us of the File Manager for Windows. There's also an icon for a Cloud Drive, which shows Mega will be competing with services like SkyDrive and Dropbox. There's even a "Contacts" and "Inbox" logo in the File Manager screenshot, which likely means that users will be able to use Mega as some kind of online email client.

The other two screenshots are a bit less exciting. One shows off the progress bar for Mega's 2048-bit RSA encryption key generator.

The other screenshot posted by Dotcom shows the registration page for new Mega accounts, with the typical name, email and password setups. Dotcom has claimed that Mega will officially launch on January 20, 2013, exactly one year since the US government shut down MegaUpload.

Via: The Next Web
Source: Kim Dotcom on Twitter | Image via Kim Dotcom

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timster said,
doesn't look all that bad actually.

from the image above, I wonder why Mr. Dotcom is storing his medical records and other private information online?

stunt, to prove he trusts the security and encryption of his new baby

Looks straight out of the 1990's imo. Needs to be cleaned up a bit, and better color. And the giant M logo looks like something straight out of the Sega era.

Aergan said,

I think you and I remember the 90's very differently.

mins bezels and 3D borders, it looks pretty much like cuteftp or a similar program, didn't say it was a clone of, said it looked like

UI is a little icky, kind of a cross between metro and goole BUT Its nice. This is a first release. I'm sure the UI will tweak in response to users demands (Kim's a good listener) I believe the sensitive info has been put there to show his faith in the system. He feels that it is hack proof and as such, is demonstrating his faith.

now if only I could knock a pesky hacker off the radar (check twitter) curahack he's being rather annoying to any site running v bulletin's old version. Problem with companies not updating their old software. they get holes.

PatrynXX said,
now if only I could knock a pesky hacker off the radar (check twitter) curahack he's being rather annoying to any site running v bulletin's old version. Problem with companies not updating their old software. they get holes.

uhhm what ??

Lord Method Man said,
And this is different from Outlook/Skydrive how exactly?

I think the idea is that you are the only one ever that can access the files due to requireing the pub and private key. Thats if I'm remembering correctly. Unlike some other services, at some point someone else could look at your files. IE; a solution like this puts the blame directly on the end-user vs the server hoster.

I think o_0.

isn't 2048-bit encryption a bit overkill? especially with mouse movement and keystroke timing entropy on top of that.

Can he do this with a previous similar site under a pending law suit ? Or would he have to wait until some legal stuff clears up first ?

His claims are revolutionary blah blah....
But what is ? What is different than the already bloated cloud/file locker scene we have ?
Jeez every time i see someone upload something publicly it seems like its another new place i never heard of before..

And where and when will the ad's be put in. We all know these people that run these things LOVE banners and pop ups etc.. And is he gonna do the usual free/paid service routine ?
If so i hope he's not gonna be jewish like many of these douche bags out there.
For example i stoped going to Netload way back because as a free user i was always limited to 15 KILOBYTES A SECOND download speed LOLOLOL
try grabbing a 175mb TV show at 15 KB/s
many i noticed are 30 or 50 down speed + banners and pop ups !
So I gotta say i don't really care too much what this guy's web site looks like (looks ok to me clean and simple / not too cluttered)
I'm just curious where we'll get crushed with a wall of ad's lol
People defend them all the time but how many sites take money AND hit you wit ads ?
almost all of them.. greedy ******* sell products, take donations and slap you up side the head with ad's.. the internet sucks because everyone is desperate money grubbing pigs..
like piranhas that smell blood..

TRC said,
What's he going to do when the government sends in their stormtroopers again?

Um yeah good luck with that there'll be no US based servers or storage it'll all be run from NZ and if everything is using 2048 bit encryption then he can claim plausible deniability

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