Secure Your PS3 Network Name Now

Sony promised that users around the world hoping to buy a PS3 could register their online name on launch day, this promise, although kept, has been released a month late, but of course, is very welcome to those in the UK and Australia who won't see their PS3s till March next year.

Everyone around the world can register an account, expect to see names for sale on eBay as people snap up some of the l33t account names. You can only register one account to one address it seems at the moment, and this is not changeable as yet.

Whether this is used or abused I'm just glad I snapped up "cashman" before anyone else did.

View: Playstation Account Registration

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Quote - Davo said @ #18
Why is securing a PS3 network name so important?

Shh shh shh shh... careful there... you might attacked by the PS3 geeks..LOL jk jk.. I have no clue why it's so important but oh well...

Quote - chisss said @ #18.1

Shh shh shh shh... careful there... you might attacked by the PS3 geeks..LOL jk jk.. I have no clue why it's so important but oh well... :blink:

lol that name won't be cross platform like xbox gamertag...why bother?

So does anyone have the link for US residents? Am I missing something completely because I do not see it listed anywhere??? :confused:

I got my Name, Though it wouldn't accept this one I use on forums for some reason, I very much doubt anyone would of gotten it already

Quote - chulomixed said @ #11
Nice to see how in the country list "America" is not

I sure hope this is a joke...America isn't a country.

i have just tried to register my name and everything i try says "choose another online ID"
even if i just put in completely random characters so im guessing its broken

I didn't check this thing out... but I hate when companies do this:

Choose your location:
US East/West

Why would you list a country (2 parts of it actually) and then continents!? Canada is a country too, part of North America

u guys are just a tad bit off topic here. THIS IS ABOUT A PS3, NOT ABOUT WHAT IS THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY! jesus.

Hehehe, the ones I want are registered ;)

They're more personal alises then crappy ones that I'm reserving because they're 1337

Thanks for the heads up. Secured mine I am not sure if I'll get a PS3 yet but to be on the safe side I went ahead anyway.

man sucks for you guys over in UK and Australia who have to wait till next year, by than all the names would have been takein up. That would suck for 1 name to each address but we all know they'll change that...right

who said anything about waiting? managed to register my chosen name

that said, I don't intend to purchase a PS3 within the first 6 months anyway

Quote - cashman said @ #1.2
Contrary to popular belief "world" doesn't equal America. Everyone can register their names, not just America.

Except for when Sony says things like "World-Wide Launch" then world means America and Japan.