Security threats are starting to merge

The purveryors of malware are becoming increasingly well-organised and financed, according to vendor Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report. In the past e-criminals made money from selling code, estiablishing botnets, or spamming, but gangs are now performing all three functions themselves to provide more co-ordianated attacks.

'We are starting to see blended threats much more,' said Ollie Whitehouse, researcher at Symantec. 'This is a stark contrast to how things were working a year ago. There is more financial backing to these criminals now: the organized crime aspect has definitely increased.' Whitehouse says Symantec is spotting phishing and Trojan emails specifically designed to channel information back to specific web servers - a sign that threats are being co-ordinated.

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Symantec are half the reason vulnerabilities exist in the first place. They're always lobbying and complaining at Microsoft the second they try to tighten up the security in Windows. They only do it to make more sales. I feel sorry for the poor schmucks who get that crap preloaded on their machine and pay the renewal fee every year because the store salesmen is paid to tell them its their only choice.

No kidding. I guess I'm not the only one that is suspicious when they have a fix for virus that's been in the wild for under a day.