Security Vendors Lagging on Vista Support

Windows Vista's revamped security features are posing difficulties for some IT security vendors looking to make their software work on the new operating system.

Although leading security vendors such as Symantec Corp., McAfee Inc. and Trend Micro Inc. have released updates or patches to make some or all of their products Vista-compatible, many others remain deeply entrenched in testing Vista versions of their tools.

Despite numerous complaints from gamers about poor performance on Vista, most applications written for Windows XP run on the new client OS out of the box, with only a few major exceptions, according to Brett Waldman, an analyst at Framingham, Mass.-based IDC.

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I guess all this companies were comfortable with Windows XP and when Vista came out they were like oh fck now we have to recreate drivers/application /etc.. I was one those I got really comfortable XP lol

Drivers are one thing, since vista has a new model etc, but apps which are nothing but userlevel, and have little direct ties to the kernel and hardware shouldn't need much work to get them to run on Vista if they already don't.

If your app though has specific APIs that it used to talk to specific hardware like scanner software or video card software that does something with the video card etc, then those might need more work. But overall, the level of compatiblity Vista has compared with XP in 2001 when it first was released is better imo.

GP007 said,
But overall, the level of compatiblity Vista has compared with XP in 2001 when it first was released is better imo.

I'll have to severely disagree there. When I switched from Win98 to XP just a few days after XP's release, all my hardware either worked out of the box or had drivers avaiable, and I didn't have problems running any of my apps either.
Now, even one month after Vista is out, I still don't have drivers for my printer or my scanner, and several apps are still not running as they should (and in a few cases, don't run at all).
Furthermore, the switch from XP to Vista is not even remotely as big as the switch from Win98 to XP. The difference between XP and Vista is more like the difference between 2000 and XP.

Most people could care less whos's "fault" it is, either programs work in Vista or they don't.


I am waiting for F-Secure IS '07 2nd Edition which should be ready in May. Right now I am using the Beta though it does not have the anti-spam or firewall module installed yet.

So far, I haven't had any issues. NOD32 of course works. Some of the screwball apps that I use in business,
purpose built for the photocopier/printer/fax/networking field all work. That includes an app that requires me to
use a serial port, which my laptop does not have. The IO gear serial to USB adapter works in that program, even
better than it did in XP.
Other than a little tweaking of the eye candy, Vista has been good.
I did the same thing with XP, had all the fancy GUI eye candy turned on, but after it got "boring", I turned it off
and went back to the classic desktop. I'll probably do the same with Vista.

It's weird when you think about it, how is it that most games work with vista without problems (slow performence being a video card driver problem and not the game or vista problem), but others just don't even install?

Are different devs installing these things however they want? Do the installers try to do things or look for specific things that have been moved in Vista or removed? I don't think MS changed things that drastically when it comes to installing apps. I know DX APIs and sound APIs have changed, and the new driver model has made it a bit harder for gfx drivers to perform the same as they do on XP, but doesn't MS have specific whitepapers on how apps should be installed and where files should be stored and so on?

Schnitzel said,
Yep, Agnitum being one of the companies that spring to mind.

I sure hope they can get Outpost to work on Vista.

Yes, they are taking their bloody time...
Let's hope the Vista version they release is well worth the wait.