Sega admits nearly 1.3 million accounts obtained in cyber attack

Following an email to Sega's customers on Friday alerting them to a cyber attack on the Sega Pass web site, the game publisher has now admitted in a rare weekend press release that nearly 1.3 million users accounts have been obtained as a result of the cyber attack. reports that the Sega press release stated that 1,290,755 accounts were taken as a result of the cyber attack, including "members name, email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords". As we reported on Friday Sega said that no financial info was obtained due to that info being stored on another site.

According to Sega's press release, "After the unauthorized entry was identified, we immediately stopped the SEGA Pass service and took emergency action to prevent further damage. This action included immediately contacting all our registered SEGA Pass users. We are now fully investigating the cause of the incident." It added that it plans to "strengthen network security as a priority issue" because of this cyber attack. Sega also offered its "sincerest apologies to our customers for the inconvenience and concern caused by this matter."

This is of course just the latest cyber attack on various game developers and publishers over the last two months which have included attacks on Sony Playstation, Square Enix, Codemasters, Epic Games and more. While no hacker group has claimed responsiblity for this attack on Sega, the LutzSec hacker group has said it wants to help Sega find out who is responsible due to the group's love of Sega's discontinued Dreamcast game console.

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I wouldn't be surprised that some of the people who support what Lulzsec does, are probably members of that group.

I'll take the next copy of Football Manager free thank you!
(BTW, SI Games Forums are down in relation to this issue)

A free SEGA game is always welcome. How about Sonic 4 on my WinPhone7 for free? (I already purchased the game on the 360 so it's a fair deal )

scaramonga said,
Luvvin it

You love that 1.3 million people had their personal info stolen? Speaks volumes about you.

Elessar said,
1.3m eh? All these gaming sites...the numbers are adding up quickly I no longer see the "lulz"...

lulz wasn't responsible for this one.
However, I do recommend that everyone make sure that their vendors are PCI/DSS compliant.
This will mitigate the data loss when your vendors are compromised.

Just because Lulzsec said they weren't responsible, doesn't mean they are telling the truth. Their history proves they most likely did this.