Sega registers two titles with US Patent Office

Could Ghost Squad and Nosferan be coming soon to a console near you?

Besides press releases and corporate earnings reports, one of the better places to discover evidence of new games is the US Patent Office. While registering a title with the office is not always definitive proof of a game's existence--remember Grand Theft Auto: Bogota?--it is the publisher's first step in creating a brand. (Insert further marketing droid-speak here.)

By the look of things, Sega is working on a pair of new brands. On March 23, the publisher registered two titles with the Patent office--"Ghost Squad" and "Nosferan." Both titles were registered in the "video game software; computer game programs; game discs; cassettes; and circuit boards containing game programs" category by "Sega Corporation 1-2-12, Haneda, Ohta-ku Tokyo JAPAN."

News source: GameSpot

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