Sega to publish new Warhammer games

Sega is getting into the Warhammer business. The publisher has announce that it has signed a new deal with Games Workshop, the creators of the famed fantasy table top game franchise, to make a new series of Warhammer video games.

The first game from Sega will be developed by the UK-based The Creative Assembly, which is already working on a number of projects, including the RTS game Total War: Rome II and a new but unrevealed game based on the Alien series of films. Sega says that The Creative Assembly is now one of the biggest developers in Europe and has five games in the works.

No details about the new Warhammer game have been revealed but it won't be out until sometime after the end of 2013.

The Warhammer series has bounced around in terms of video game adaptations with various publishers releasing titles over the years. Namco Bandai previously released Warhammer-based RTS PC games but they received mixed reviews. Electronic Arts launched an MMO based on the franchise, Warhammer Online, in 2008 that is still running today.

THQ still holds the video game rights to Games Workshop's sci-fi offshoot of Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000. It has released a number of Warhammer 40K games in the past, many of them made by Relic Entertainment. A plan to make a MMO Warhammer 40K was later scrapped.

Source: Sega

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I actually enjoyed Mark of Chaos, the slower paced 'units carry over between maps' rpg-lite was a good fit for Warhammer. if creative's game is anything like that I'll be all over it.

I love how GW doesn't want to publish a literal computer version of the table top rules

I've read about warhammer online - people loved it in beta form, but they made drastic changes after the beta closed before it launched publicly and it didn't go over well.

Jason Stillion said,
I love how GW doesn't want to publish a literal computer version of the table top rules

I'd love another game like Final Liberation (Epic 40k) but with modern graphics.
That game was huge amounts of fun, even if artilery and titan combo owned everything on the map

Get the 40k Mmo back on and make it F2P. Last I heard they mothballed it to make another Space Marine game with the assets.