Service Problems Disable Wells Fargo ATMs

Service problems disabled ATMs and online accounts at San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Co. for at least 24 hours starting Sunday afternoon, leaving some customers of the nation's fifth-largest bank unable to get cash or use debit cards to pay for goods. Although the bank would not say how many customers or machines were affected, it did acknowledge that services were down throughout the company - from personal banking Web sites and ATMs to the processing of mortgage and student loans.

"Customers may continue to experience transaction difficulties or delays in our stores, at ATMs and at the point-of-sale ... and processing for some mortgage, home equity, student loans and remittances," Wells Fargo spokeswoman Julia S. Tunis said. "Our systems teams are working to fix those problems and we hope to have all channels fully available soon."

Angry customers complained Monday at many of the bank's 6,000 branches nationwide. Customers could get cash if they went into a branch and talked to a teller - but they had no way of getting cash after-hours.

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Obviously didn't affect everyone, my wife and I both used our Wells' debit cards several times this weekend with no problem.

Wow, I was affected by this. I tried to buy food on Sunday, my card was declined and I was upset because I had a few thousand dollars in my checking account. My checkcard worked in Ohio but later that day it did not work in Minnesota. I never knew the reason for it until now, thanks Neowin/

Wonder if this affected other banks as well. Tried my Regions debit card at a HyVee in Iowa at 2am Sunday morning and came up as an invalid card number... with the clerk assuming I was using an outdated card. That leaves one so embarassed when one knows they have enough money in the bank.