SharePoint Beta 2 Refresh info

Many thanks to rjb for sending us this news on the SharePoint Services Beta, as informed by The Microsoft Office System Team:

Important! Advance Notice for Windows SharePoint Services Beta 2 Technical Refresh Upgrade

Upgrade from Beta 2 to Beta 2 Technical Refresh

  • Microsoft will upgrade all Windows SharePoint Services hosted sites from Beta 2 to the Beta 2 Technical Refresh, beginning June 17th. Your Windows SharePoint Services hosted site will be unavailable for approximately 48 hours.

  • We expect to have sites back online by end of week.

So, if you want to continue using SharePoint you must first update Office to the beta 2 refresh when available, reportedly upto a 400mb download in full (not one for you guys on dialup then ;))

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If you're in the Beta 2 and you have 56K at home... ... is there any way to grab the technical refresh files off BetaPlace at work and then bring them home, or do you have to use Office Update???