Sharp Unveils Plans to Market 20mm Thick LCD HDTV

Sharp has announced its new slim LCD TV: 29mm thick at its widest point and 20mm at its thinnest point. For my American friends, that's between 1.14 inches and 0.78 inches thick. Sharp claims the contrast ratio will be 100,000:1 and the living contrast would be 3000:1. The panel would reproduce 150% of the NTSC color ratio and have a 4 ms response time. Sharp doesn't specify how large the TV is, but does note that the weight for the TV will be 55 pounds and it will consume 140kWh of electricity per year. Sharp noted that its Osaka Sakai factory would be ready to produce the panels by March of 2010, if all goes as planned, but did not give a release date or a price point.

News source: DailyTech

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140kWh .... in a year. What does this mean? Does that mean it consumes 140KW in a year?
"hour" per "year" together confuses me.

watts are a rate of consumption; watt-hours are the consumption in a period of time.

They should define a year though.

If they mean running it four hours a day, that's about 1400 hours a year, and so it draws about 100 watts from the wall.

If they mean running it 24 hours a day, though, it's drawing about 16 watts, which is hella more impressive.

If you'd actually read beyond the title you would know that the very first sentence states

29mm thick at its widest point and 20mm at its thinnest point.