Sharp unwraps 'world first' Intel Atom phone

Chip giant Intel doesn't reckon its Atom chip family will be ready for mobile phones until 2009-2010, but that hasn't stopped Japanese carrier Willcom punting an Atom-based handset - the first if its kind, the company claimed.

The Sharp-made D4 uses Intel's Centrino Atom platform to run Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. It has a 1.33GHz Atom Z520 on board, along with 1GB of 533MHz DDR 2 memory and a 40GB 1.8in hard drive.

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It's a UMPC (ultra moble personal computer) with an external bluetooth handset which allows you to make calls via skype or PHS. Not exactly a cell phone, but it will be sold by wireless telecoms though.

(roadwarrior said @ #4)
Did any of you look at the picture of it? Either that model holding it is 6 years old or the thing is F***ing huge!

Am I seeing things or is it has the muscles to run Aero (black title bar akin to the maximized title bar when Aero is enabled)? A DX9 graphics card in a phone!