Shift Linux 0.3 Gnome Ready for Testing

Today sees the release of Shift Linux 0.3 (Gnome) for testing. This is a Live CD based off of Morphix, is Debian based, and developed in-house here at Neowin. It comes with many packages as well as Synaptic (GUI for Apt). Look out for the release of Shift Linux 0.3 (Flux ) very soon, also.

We would greatly appreciate those who are willing to test this distribution to report any bugs to us in our forum here.

Our next step will be to combine Shift Linux 0.3 Gnome and Flux into one version with full Shift branding and themes. This follow-on version will be Shift Linux 0.5 and will be released to the general public.

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Ah, ok. I couldn't find a logo for Shift, so I just used that other one. And since I was going to sleep at the time, and couldn't keep my eyes open, I just didn't feel throwing up a logo would have worked, who knows what I might have put up there to use!