Shift Linux Art Contest

Shift Linux, the Linux distribution developed by Neowin users, is putting out a call to all users of Neowin to help make wallpapers, icons, bootscreens, and themes for its upcoming 0.5 release. Whether you will use Shift or not, this is a quick way you can help us out.

We will be holding an art contest using all content submitted to our Shift Linux Customization Center by August 20 at 11:59 PM GMT. On August 21, the voting will open, and everyone on Neowin will be encouraged to vote for their favorites. We'll have another update for you at that time.

So, anyone who is interested should get started, since we're a bit pressed for time. We appreciate all submissions, even if they are after the contest deadline, especially if we have nothing else in that category (for example, if you have the only icon set completed, but it's not submitted until September, we'll probably use that).

Link: Shift Linux Customization Center
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Is this extensive to logo design?

Or just the "elements" for the distro?

Good to see this kind of call for action. I'm a veteran from the SymphonyOS project :P .

^ This is the release of Shift 0.5.

And we are only a small team, doing this in our spare time. No large corporation here......

This is the first thing I've noticed on the Shift Linux project in a while. Still only at version 0.3.1? Been there for almost a year?

I'd like to try it out when it's get's to version 0.5 designated public release.

I know you folks here can crank out some excellent wallpapers, icons, etc..........................ASAP!!

awsome idea! Im not very good at this sort of thing but there are some very talented people of luck to all that enter!