Shift Linux pre 0.6 KDE4 release

We are happy to announce that we have released a Shift Linux pre 0.6 KDE4 version for you to try. KDE4 was just released on the 11th, and we wanted to try this new desktop version with our distribution. We have based this test version on Ubuntu and have incorporated all of the latest packages. It has not been branded, but it does contain a working installer.

We have also included all of the packages that we have had with previous versions of Shift. Please feel free to give it a try. Bugs may be posted on the Shift Linux subforum.

View: Shift Linux Website | Shift Linux Forum

This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system
Download: Shift Linux pre 0.6 KDE4 release

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Barney let me know at last minute this was coming out. I tried it today and it seemed great. Might go back to KDE now from Fluxbox

God damn that torrent was fast : 2393 KB/s

Got 3MB/s from Neowin Love the college connection

Giving this another shot in VMWare. 8GB HDD and 512MB should be sufficient right?

Another version of Shift that won't install on the 2 machines I tried it on. Not even trying the live version. To me, that makes no sense. Giving up on this distro permanately now! Might've liked to try it, but then again, based on Debian and I've never used a distro based on that.

Sorry that you've had such troubles with the installation. If you would be so kind as to PM me what has happened when you try to install it, we can try to fix your issues. Since this is Beta software (and the first time we've used Ubuntu's installation software, it would be helpful to know what the snags are that you are having.

Thanks for the help.

^^ If Ubuntu and its variants won't boot on my PC, then neither will Shift. In either case the Live CD hangs on "Running local boot scripts." For Ubuntu this hang occurs after it can't find an appropriate display driver for my 8800 GT (which I gather isn't supported by the default Nvidia driver in most distros at the moment).

Shift does work on my XPS M1210.

Also @OP: you say you never used a distro based on Debian, but I thought you used to be an Ubuntu user?

ok ive got a dedicated server of mine seeding, (wow downloaded the entire thing in about a minute via bit torrent)

if you download from ( thats me


Same, i'm 78.21.XX4.X09 (

Leeching 250KB/s from you

Total: 1254KB/s (which is my connection maximum speed)

Good torrent!

CrimsonRedMk deserves a HUGE thanks and congrats here. It was his idea to get this out almost directly after KDE4, and he did so almost single-handedly.