Shocking Mumbai attacks, news courtesy of Twitter

Twitter has once again shown why it could be one of the most important services for today and the future.

Whilst the news outlets like CNN and the BBC struggle to grasp current information and an idea of what exactly is going on, citizen journalists worldwide and those local to Mumbai are telling the story tweet by tweet on Twitter. Twitter is a micro blogging service that allows users to send small text updates, of 140 characters, to a feed that people can view or subscribe to.

There are 2 main streams here and here that you can follow. The Mumbai Metblogs are regularly blogging every few minutes with important information. There is also a shocking Flickr feed of extraordinary pictures courtesy of blogger "Vinu".

Below you can see a map of the attacks:

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Wikipedia is being update minute by minute with the latest information from the ongoing situations. The attacks have involved terrorists opening fire at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, South Mumbai police station, Leopold Cafe, Colaba and Cama Hospital. The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel has seen shootings, six explosions, a top floor fire and grenade attacks. Reports suggest over 100 people have been killed and that the terrorists have hostages and were targeting British and American tourists specifically.

Neowin hopes that these attacks cease as soon as possible and our hearts go out to all involved who were injured and the families of the deceased.

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The final tally: 195 dead, 9 terrorists killed, 1 caught alive, 59 hours of fight.
Unconfimred reports 300 killed.
A tribute to all security personnels, who died fighting.

Government of India has asked the media to stop using the Twitter feeds based on Mumbai attacks because sometimes it becomes baseless in terms of reliability of the information.

I stay here in India and every people here are in a state of distress. 36 hours of operation in the city of Mumbai and the cops are struggling hard to rescue the people where the terrorists have kept them as hostages. What only can be done regarding this? And the recent news is around 30 foreign nationals have been rescued.

For people who want to have a closer watch of whats happening in Mumbai may visit this site.

oh puhleeze. spare me the "anger" and "shock". only an ignoramus is entitled to those expression. this is nothing new, and it's not going to end any time soon ...

as shocking/sad that this happened, i think due to the high profile nature of these attacks, gov't(s) are more likely to step up offense with more swift reactions now. it just seemed that usually the attacks would get little more than global condemnation in terms of attention. now that they've increased in frequency in india, i can see them dangerously closing in on a major retaliation.

on another note, it'd be really really sad to see if this creates another religious uproar in india and hindu/muslim there start fighting themselves again.

From what I've read on the BBC site and also whats been on the television news in the UK twitter have been forced to stop mumbai discussions on its service.

Quoting from the BBC website:
1108 Indian government asks for live Twitter updates from Mumbai to cease immediately. "ALL LIVE UPDATES - PLEASE STOP TWEETING about #Mumbai police and military operations," a tweet says.

Twitter feeds have been blasting away with dozens of updates every single minute. These were used by many of the networks to show streaming news on their news channels on TV.

Twitter users were asking people to stop sending updates and there were rumours that the Government and/or the Military had asked the twitter channel #mumbai be shut down.

However there is no official record of this and Dina Mehta clarified this on twitter. She reports that the news channels have stopped carrying twitter feeds on their TV broadcasts.

just more proof that twitter is a super valuable communication tool

It is a source of information but with little to nothing in the way of validation. I'd much rather have accurate news myself, even if it is sometimes slower. It's much like Wikipedia and TheInquirer - good for quick reference but prone to error and completely unsuitable for anything of importance.

Indian media is almost certain that these terrorists were Pakistanis came from Karachi on boats.
It makes no difference who they are. They should be killed or captured. This is very unfortunate to see after 20 hours police/army is unable to take them out.

That's because the terrorists seem to be very well trained (for 3 months in Karachi as revealed by one of them who was caught) and they have hostages, so Indian NSG can't simply go and shoot everyone at sight.

Hope the NSG operation succeeds quickly.

**** all those who kills in our God's name. Those fanatical ******* don't deserve to exist. Killing innocent civilians as if its noble. May they rot in hell. ****ing lunatic sociopaths.

a very sad day.
the ordeal still hasnt ended. terrorists are still in the building, people are still trapped in the the two hotels as hostages.

trerrorists should be caught and punished for these acts.

What made twitter powerful were the SMS updates. Twitter stopped the service worldwide and now its only limited to US and India after removing Canada a couple of days ago.