Shuffle Reborn in New Colours

Apple's iPod Shuffle has gone through a few changes recently, now the miniscule mp3 player has four new colours added to its original silver chassis. Now available from the Apple store are 1GB versions of the shuffle in pink, blue, green and orange, all with a nice metallic shine.

The multi coloured shuffles are offered at $79USD and £55GBP. The original, silver coloured, second generation shuffle was announced September last year.

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It's still the same shape.

The whole iPod situation really astounds me at times. Everything they come up with is so behind the times and obvious but they're the market front-runner.

I'm really split between buying a Shuffle or a Nano. The compact and stylish Shuffle really appeals to me, but I'm put off by not having the ability to select my music.

Can we expect a new gen Nano soon?