Shuttle unveils SFF SDXi Carbon water cooled PC

Shuttle today announced the availability of the new custom liquid-cooled SDXi Carbon extreme gaming solution showcased earlier this month at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. The Shuttle SDXi Carbon features a powerful quad-core Intel Core2 Extreme QX9770 processor, dual-slot NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 graphics card, and high-speed DDR2 memory (up to 16GB) to deliver the best possible experience for todays most demanding applications.

Then to ensure maximum performance and stability at all times, SDXi Carbon features the worlds first Liquid I.C.E. technology that is designed to deliver the most efficient cooling solution in an extreme small form factor system. As a finishing touch, the SDXi Carbon is custom wrapped and painted in a premium automotive level finish, making the exterior of the system as unique as the interior.

News source: Tech Fragments

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Wow. Just wow.

If you are going to make a rip off machine, at least try to make it look damn-sexy in appearance. Expensive automotive paint? It looks like cheap glitter spraypaint from a craft store. The lack of DDR3 and Core i7 makes this machine nothing more of a joke. If I had executive oversight within the Shuttle company, a number of people would be getting fired over this.

Maybe this sort of crap has a snowball's chance in hell of generating marketing buzz in the low-and-mid entry points of the consumer market, but this 'custom gaming rig' is directly aimed at a niche market of PC enthusiasts and gear heads. Pardon my french, but you simply don't **** around with a nice market. You do your homework, and develop a real product that generates buzz and trickles down into the larger market shares.

This product seems to be a huge failure in the making, and Shuttle would be wise to scrap this product and start from scratch.

Why use such awesome cooling technology on such out dated tech. This thing deserves a Core i7, and AT LEAST two GTX 280's.

Recon415 said,
Why use such awesome cooling technology on such out dated tech. This thing deserves a Core i7, and AT LEAST two GTX 280's.

Have you seen the size of a GTX280 theres no way they will ever fit 2 into the Shuttle formfactor, the amount of heat would cause it to implode.