Silicon Knights sues Epic games

ShackNews is reporting that Silicon Knights has served Epic Games (makers of the Unreal Engine) with a lawsuit.

The thrust of the complaint seems centered around E3 2006, where Too Human was demonstrated and subsequently criticized for, as the lawsuit describes, "technical problems and generally unpolished appearance." Silicon claims that Epic withheld a "very useable version" of the Xbox 360 engine for its own purposes, only delivering a fully functional version of the software in November of that year--roughly eight months past the original March 2006 deadline.

News source: Shacknews

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What, wait?
If I am reading the various articles correctly ... they modified the Unreal Engine for themselves and now they are suing because Epic didn't make it do everything they wanted to?
On top of that it seems they want out of their license agreement but keep their modified engine for themselves.
Sounds a bit like a sneaky way of stealing and shifting blame.

Supposedly the complaint is that Epic withheld parts of UE3 and decided to not share/update their license holders' versions of the toolset in a timely manner.

Solid devs will mod it to bits and make it happen but this is Too Human and this is Silicon Knight.

Here's a little perspective on how long this game is been in development. You decide if it's Epic's fault or not...

"Too Human was originally in development for the PlayStation as a 5-disc action-adventure game. It was shown at E3 1999,[1] but shortly before its completion Nintendo announced an exclusive partnership with Silicon Knights, and the game was moved to the Nintendo GameCube in 2000. A teaser trailer was shown at SpaceWorld 2000 showing what appeared to be a re-building of the PlayStation game. The game never surfaced though, and the partnership between the two companies was ended. After this, the title was still thought to be in development for the GameCube, but those plans have since been canceled.

In the May 2005 issue of EGM, Silicon Knights announced a partnership with publisher Microsoft to develop a trilogy revolving around the Too Human universe exclusively for the Xbox 360. The game was originally being developed using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, but is now being developed using an internal engine. On July 19, 2007 it was announced that Silicon Knights were suing Epic Games due to "inadequacies" of Unreal Engine 3."

Three partnerships and engines later, they still haven't released it? This makes Duke Nukem Forever look good.

From the article:

Silicon seeks several concessions from their licensor, including a negation of the original licensing agreement, the unrestricted legal right to alter the engine, and, most significantly, forfiture of all profits gained through sales of Epic's Gears of War to Silicon Knights in the form of awarded damages.


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