Silicon Motion expects SSD market to grow fast in 2H 2008

The solid state drive (SSD) market will grow faster than expected in 2008, with the SATA interface promising to become the mainstream for notebook-use SSDs in the future, according to Wallace Kou, president and CEO of IC designer Silicon Motion. Kou noted three main trends in NAND flash applications: handset-use microSD cards, embedded memory and SSDs. Handsets with memory card slots account for 27-30% of the handset market in 2007, and the proportion will rise to 40% in 2008, spurring growth of microSD's share, he said.

For embedded memory, the Apple iPhone has offered good demonstration to the market, Kou said. While the mainstream embedded memory for handsets has already reached 8GB, the capacity will be even higher in 2008, he added

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Super Talent already released 256GB 3,5'' SATAII SSD. Next year they plans to release 512GB. Interesting for sure. But who needs it for such a price... Super Talent 128GB 2,5'' SSD cost $4500...

I think there will be a big market for diskless laptop's. I'd love to have an cheap light XP embedded laptop, with swappable "solid state" storage, and no whiny power hungry hard disk. Even now a postage stamp size one gig SD cards cost less than £5 - that can easily hold a ripped DVD etc. Why the hell do you need 120 GB HDD equipped laptop that has a two hour battery life? This is surely the future for low end company hack machines (my people would have them for sure). It's been a long time coming, no more lugging about a big, heavy, power hungry laptop w00t!