SimCity Source Code Is Now Open

Tolkien writes "Source code for SimCity has been released under the GPLv3. For legal reasons the open source version was renamed Micropolis, which was apparently the original working title. The OLPC will also be getting a SimCity branded version that has been QA'ed by Electronic Arts. Some very cool changes have been made by Don Hopkins, who updated and ported what is now Micropolis. (Here is an earlier Slashdot discussion kicked off by a submission Don made.) Among other things, it has been revamped from the original C to using C++ with Python. Here is the page linking all the various source code versions. Happy hacking!"


News source: Slashdot

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A little off topic, but wasn't there a game that came out recently that is like SimCity? I mean the newer SimCity, not this older version.


Micropolis was the original working title of the game and since EA requires that the GPL open source version not use the same name as SimCity (to protect their trademark) a little work had to be done to the code.

^^^ Exactly. Just like Red Hat Linux is Open Source (GPL), but other projects that clone Red Hat must remove/replace the trademarked name "Red Hat", plus any copy written logos.

It is the code that is licensed this way. The companies don't give up their trademarks.