SimCity to hold second closed beta test next weekend

Electronic Arts held a closed beta test for its upcoming revival of its hit urban simulation game SimCity a couple of weeks ago, and today it was revealed that EA will be holding a second closed beta test for the game next weekend.

The game's official website states the second beta will begin at 9 am Eastern time on Saturday, February 16th and last until 9 am ET on Sunday. February 17th. If you have already signed up for the beta you don't need to do it again for the second beta test. If you have yet to sign up you can do so at the game's site until Monday.

The second beta test will let players access a scenario in the game which can be played for an hour, although there are no limits on how many times you can play that scenario during the closed beta weekend. This second beta is mostly for testing the online servers but there will be some improvements put into the second beta build. EA states:

We have implemented changes based on user feedback from our first Closed Beta. Players who participated in the first Closed Beta will notice improvements in the game when they use the zoning and road tools, alongside the hundreds of bug-fixes as well.

The final version of SimCity is due on March 5th.

Source: EA | Image via EA

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I'm really out of touch on this release.

Are the multiplayer and live features free from subscription?
I take it there is still single player?

SimCity on the SNES was amazing. I've never managed to get on with it outside this release.

If you installed it, and then uninstalled it at the end of the last beta. Can you just reinstall and play?

If you uninstalled and have the SAME Origin account up, you should be able to reinstall (I tested exactly that during the first closed beta).

Yes! I had loads of fun during the first weekend (which means I am automatically in the second); still, I wonder if they added more features so the servers can REALLY get stressed!

xendrome said,
Fixed it

[title]SimCity to hold second closed sales demo next weekend[/title]

Indeed. Long gone are the days where betas from the likes of EA were a serious exercise in bug finding. Nowadays the most you can expect them to be is a marketing exercise and possibly a load testing of their servers. Which again is laughable and many EA games have severe server load issues at launch.

Proof of this? Stupidly short beta (not even 48 hours) and guaranteed beta access if you pre-order.....