Simon Cowell and looking for the X Factor in IT!

In what can only be described as a surprising, a little baffling, and definitely bizarre move, Simon Cowell and are reported to be in talks to create a new reality show in the vein of ‘The X Factor’ that will go on the hunt for the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. is a known gadget and technology lover. Intel went as far as to make him director of creative innovation in 2011. He even launched his own non-profit organisation,, stating that through it he wanted to find the next Bill Gates. With Simon Cowell involved, it looks like the search could reach TV screens too. explained:

We’re working on a project called X Factor for Tech - and it’s going to be out of this world. Singing and performance create a couple of jobs. But this will create lots. It’s about getting in touch with youth and giving them a platform to express themselves — whether that’s in science or mathematics.

The chances of this show even making it to our screens is anyone's guess. Cowell recently dumped a reality show in which he would go on the hunt for the next superstar DJ. If music is his bread and butter, who knows how highly the IT world will rank. The guy wouldn’t even do Gangnam Style with Psy, Britney and Ellen!

We're not knocking what either men have done for their industry, or their ability in the business world, but making the move from the music/entertainment industry into the IT world might prove to be difficult. Although has proved that he has been able to make the transition without too much trouble. We can only imagine Simon Cowell sitting on a judging panel listening to someone talking about new technology that is scalable, built from the ground up using Internet-standard technologies, and fully integrated at the operating-system level!

Who's up for guessing that the name of the show will be "The Tech Factor?"

Source: Pocket-lint

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Odd comments so far - everyone seems to be against the idea.
I was expecting the members here to say "great, where do I sign up" or "what a great way to inspire the next generation".

I get that people don't like the format of the show or Mr Cowell & Mr Iam, but in terms of popularising something and inspiring the masses / giving confidence to people the proof is already there.

This is a positive move and could lead to great things.
How many projects great education projects like Code Academy and Raspberry Pi are waiting out there?

if only TechTV still existed...... thanks comcast for buyting them out to merge with G4... this sounds like it would of fit on that station...

but seriously... lets turn tech into a reality show now great... it's just going to be 100 iPhone apps and nothing really innovative

Oh simon go back with working with sinitta and have stock aikten waterman (PWL) produce another hit single those were the days when music was good x

Gaffney said,
Sorry but X-factor doesn't add anything to the music industry, it has no chance in IT.

Utter tosh to say that it "doesn't add anything to the industry". Like it or hate it, it pushes manufactured pop-stars singles, adding a great deal of income. You may hate the people who are produced via this method, but some of that income has kept the industry able to find legitimate music and fun their output. Elitism is all well and good, but claiming the "bubblegum" adds nothing is nonsense!

Just like Simon Cowell was going to be launching an X-Factor for the best UK DJ... Hmmm, remind me what came of that again? Oh yes, the entire industry laughed and said a collective "no thanks".

Now, Will.I.Am is a person I respect, he blew me away with what he did for the charity earlier this year. But he seems to want to have his finger in every pie... That said, you can't fault his enthusiasm. Not keen on him as a producer though...

I appreciate what does for charity but he reminds of a guy who is rich and high profile and his hanger-on'ers tell him how great he is and "he can do anything" and now he honestly believes it.

Also Dragons Den already kind of does what he wants to do. Plus i don't know how it would work in a TV format. Would we vote them off? We all know the public vote for people they like, not if they have any actual talent.