Singapore bans Microsoft's video game for sex scene

Singapore has banned a Microsoft video game that contains a scene showing a human woman and an alien woman kissing and caressing each other, a local newspaper reported Thursday. The Straits Times said Mass Effect, a highly anticipated futuristic-space adventure game from Microsoft, was banned by Singapore's Media Development Authority. In October, Singapore's parliament decided to keep a ban on sex between men, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the city-state should keep its conservative values and not allow special rights for homosexuals.

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like most singapore men, mr lee hsien loong has obviously been neutered by his typical singaporean wife.

singaporean being conservative??? as someone who has previously live there for quite some time, there is a singaporean saying to respond to that - mr lee is talking **** like singing song.

just ask the thai government which countryman has contributed the largest collective volume of semen to it's country ...

"and not allow special rights for homosexuals."

Surely this wouldn't be a 'special' right; if all sexes could kiss each other, then it'd be normal. perhaps they do mean the three titties thing...

That's almost as ridiculous than the American girl who got suspended from school for hugging her female friend.

So in a city where there are prostitutes on every street, they are banning a videogame for the slightest hint of sexual conduct? <sarcasm>That's completely understandable.</sarcasm>