Sirius and XM Slapped With Patent Infringement Suit

Sirius and XM are under fire from various industry organizations and the public in general for their upcoming merger. Earlier last month, the two companies agreed to merge in a $13 billion deal that would create the largest satellite radio entity in North America. The FCC stepped in and indicated that such a merger would not go through easily, and that an approval would be highly unlikely. Trouble doesn't end there for Sirius and XM. George Hindman of Austin, Texas-based company Keystone Autonics was awarded a patent just back in January 2007 and this week, Keystone Autonics filed a patent infringement suit against both Sirius and XM, claiming that both companies are using Keystone Autonics' technology. Oh and don't forget our beloved RIAA is lobbying for support of a bill that would restrict users from being able to locally store and record songs aired over satellite radio.

News source: DailyTech

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You mean the Howard Stern satellite network?
Maybe someday people will stop complaining about the RIAA and support independent music that they don't own. Maybe artists will stop holding out for the big deals from the RIAA associated labels, and maybe pigs will fly?

It applies to specific input and display processing of wireless data for satellite radios. The patent is a modification of an earlier patent, also held by Hindman, that applied to radios and CD players.

The lawsuit asserts that the patented technology, among other things, helps enable mobile features like global positioning system, or GPS, location services, as well as crash and theft detection functions.

Why do they let patents like this through? they need to overhaul the patent office (it lots of countries), and do it soon.

We need to overhaul the stupid Patent Office if they're passing out patents for Tech that's been out for years already

He was awarded the patent in January 2007, it doesn't say anything about wqhen he actually applied for it. those patents can take a very long time to get passed, especially if there are competing patents or complexities,.

awarded the patent in January 2007, and he's already suing? wtf did he even try to work out something with them first before he went to court?

There's actually a lot of people who create a patent that purposely resembles other patants, but not enough to call it stealing. Then they'll turn around and sue

Screw the RIAA. I really am starting to hate them and that guy from Texas probably just created that patent to make money off of XM and Sirius.

Agreed, I also doubt that this merger will ever take place, that would open up the Satellite TV Merger again between Dish Network & DirecTV, the FCC didn't approve that merger.

I buy all my music and I still can't stand them. The way they're acting is just, evil honestly.

It's getting to the point where you could be taking a dump and whistle a tune and get sued


xpablo said,
Agreed, I also doubt that this merger will ever take place, that would open up the Satellite TV Merger again between Dish Network & DirecTV, the FCC didn't approve that merger.

There is a difference in this merger than the Dish Network and DirecTV merger because in some rural areas that do not have cable the only option is satellite TV so that merger would have created a monopoly in these areas. With satellite radio it is different because they compete with free radio, mp3 players, CD's, etc... You do not have to subscribe to satellite radio in order to listen to music, unlike TV where you may not be able to receive channels via cable or over the air -- your only choice would be satellite TV or nothing.