SIRIUS XM - Channel Lineups Now Mostly Merged

SIRIUS XM, the near fully merged satellite radio company, has announced a combined channel lineup. Thursday morning, SIRIUS XM announced a combined lineup where XM subscribers had some of the most popular SIRIUS channels, and SIRIUS subscribers now have XM channels, all included in the base subscriber package. This is different than the offer SIRIUS and XM offered subscribers a few months ago, the "Best Of" packages, which included a handful of popular channels from the once competing alternative for a few more dollars per month.

SIRIUS subscribers have a base channel lineup of around 137 channels, and XM subscribers have near 242 (note that XM has several more generic sport channels which help make the difference). Several channels were swapped, name changed, and some even removed. As an XM customer, I noticed Thursday morning on my drive to work that something was amiss when a few station names changed (though the content was exactly the same), one station removed, and a techno/house station changed to a talk radio channel.

With the now mostly merged channel lineup, one has to wonder how long until the separated XM and SIRIUS subscriptions will merge under one roof. Keeping the two separated could lead to be a double edged sword. On one side, consumers have a little more choice in hardware and slightly different channel lineups. However, consumers may become confused when looking into buying into a satellite radio when SIRIUS lists channels such as XM Sports Play-By-Play, and XM lists SIRIUS XMU. With recent reports of $5 billion lost in the third quarter, which may have a lot to do with pushing through the merger, SIRIUS XM needs to settle on a lineup and channel add-ons so we won't have to keep guessing if our channels will be on or changed when we wake up in the morning.

Link: XM Satellite Radio
Link: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

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My favorite channel, High Standards, is gone. It was hard enough to find that old music before. I'm NOT happy ... thankfully I get XM through DirecTV so I'm not exactly subscribed to it. I say screw this merger as well.

I like to listen to the Spanish stations. Seeing how XM had 3 latino stations, I was hoping I would get them over to Sirius with the merger. What did they do? They combined it all into one channel! I want my Universo Latino back! Screw this merger.

shh i got into the lifetime deal so my subscription doesnt run out but they did move some my stations around *******!

no beat anymore and replaced with crappy bpm from xm. thats a deal breaker. seems like it was the suits who had their decision on which stations to keep from both brands and have upset a lot of customers in the process. We will see how that works out.

I had Sirius and now have XM in my car. XM sounded much better (still crap, but better). Now this merge was mostly to scrap many XM channels in order to replace them with Sirius one....

And then, the sound quality became even worst. I'm back to the day of Sirius sound quality.

Lucky for me, with my new car, I had 3 free months and a 1 year subscription at 50% rebate. I wont renew....

Just waiting for Sirius to broadcast NHL games live, that would be cool for me.
But if not then i'm probably going to get rid of my satellite radio's I had XM & then went with Sirius after XM wouldn't honor my rebate (cheapskates), now with the merger it's all starting to suck.

XM sucks now. They changed most of their good channels over to the Sirius stuff - which sucks because I bought XM for a reason. Probably going to get rid of it when my subscription runs out.

Going to have to look into this as the Jeep I bought recently is all setup for Sirius radio.

In fact,
That just reminded myself to go do exactly that, right now!

I wish they would just combine all of the channels, and not have variations between the two services.

Oh yeah, and why does the "High Bandwidth" setting for XM's online streaming still just stream at 64k? Garbage, I tell you! It should be at least 256k.

I dont see it being a problem if XM channels are on Sirius as they may know that Siruis and XM are merged, They also provide new channel line-ups too. And whats up with the Sirius tag banner on the news story it should be Sirius-XM