Sites spread mis-information about Ad-Aware

Whats more annoying, not posting the news and being one of few tech sites not to carry the "scoop" or actually researching the news and finding it to be untrue, unfounded and non news-worthy yet compelled to set straight the mis-information spread around by others.

ANYWAY we were mailed a couple of days ago that Lavasoft Ad-Aware was going to be cancelled, Spyware weekly website carried the bold message Stop using Lavasoft's Ad-aware on Christmas Day no less. Now I use this program myself so I dug around a bit to see if it was true. It wasn't true, after looking at their support forums Lavasoft had posted a response the same day as Spyware Weekly's bold statements. (I have to add they neglected to ask Lavasoft beforehand why the project seemed neglected) Ad-Aware is not dead and version 6 is coming very soon. All's good I thought.

Needless to say some of our affiliates and sources didn't bother to research this in the same manner I do (and expect all Neowin news staff to) so they posted the mis-information that has been doing the rounds for 2 days now.

We want to set the record straight. Lavasoft Ad-Aware is NOT a dis-continued product in fact Ad-Aware 6 will be released Jan-Feb 2003 (Jan for registered users, Feb for Freeware users like me) I hope we were able to clear that up here at Neowin.

View: The original story @ Spyware Weekly

View: Response at Lavasoft Support Forums

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3 new users all bashing Lava-soft for doing us a service. I don't care what the news letter says, I am telling the visitors here that some tech sites need to check the facts before thy write off someones work.

If I am guilty of anything its for being as bold about it as you guys were at spyinfo in saying you lot are wrong. Its one thing to be annoyed at lack of updates, its another to start telling unsuspecting users they paid for software that Lava-soft aren't going to update.

EDIT: It is cool btw that spyware weekly does all this research, maybe it needs to be concerned at how its news is interpreted (and then relayed) by some popular websites.