Six Apart Launches Vox

Six Apart, the company that owns LiveJournal, Typepad and Moveable Type announced last night the official launch of its newest social networking site, Vox. Vox has been in a beta test phase for quite awhile now, and many Neowin members flocked to the forums when people started with the invite system (including me) to see what Vox was like. Well the beta test is over, and the site is open to anyone and everyone now.

Some neat features of Vox include fairly deep privacy controls, which are very important to Six Apart. Another great feature is the extensive WYSIWYG posting page, which is quite nicely done. A "tag cloud" for blogging, templates including over 165 choices, mobile browsing, easy site integration with YouTube and Flickr and a host of other popular video and photo sharing sites, and many other smaller things that make Vox stand out a bit from the crowded social networking scene.

Six Apart waited until user demand was there to launch Vox, and here we are. Vox does have ads, but they are fairly small and well integrated into the pages. Overall Vox is a pretty impressive social networking site with some nice features and a very well designed system. But does it stand out from the rest of the social networking crowd?

Only time will tell.

View: Techcrunch Vox Launch Coverage
View: Team Vox Launch Blog
Link: Join Vox!

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"Some neat features of Vox include fairly deep privacy controls, which are very important to Six Apart."
About time one of these sites made privacy a strong focus.

Its not that bad.I just signed up for it. It is much better then myspace.

I will mainly use it for my photos and blogs for people who care but i like it better then myspace.

It looks nice, but I think I'll stick with Live Spaces for my blog, Facebook for my stalking/social networking :P, and myspace for those of my friends back home who choose not to use Facebook. Guess I don't need to join another one :)


My promotion? Heh, I just never post to main page, or software for that matter. I feel I don't keep in touch with the tech crowd as much as the gaming crowd, so I feel fairly uncomfortable posting main page tech related news items


Seriously though, congrats on what I can only describe as your "promotion", it's always good to hear about new sites and communities starting up, even if they are just variants on already existing ones (competition is good).