SkullTrail, Intel's "QuadFX" version

A few months ago, AMD released the QuadFX Platform, a high-end platform that gives the possibility to put two processors on the same motherboard. Intel, not wanting fall behind, has already shown a prototype called V8 at the CeBIT 2007 using two Xeon Quad-Cores. Now it seems that the V8 Prototype will arrive in its final form with a new solution presented at Intel Developer Forum 2007, named SkullTrail. The new platform will be the first solution to give Octo-Cores to Intel enthusiasm users. SkullTrail will appear later this year and it is yet unknown if it will use LGA771 like the Xeons that use only FB-DIMM or if it will be a LGA775 to accommodate regular unbuffered DDR2 DIMM. There are no details on the chipset that will power SkullTrail but Intel announced that it will support not two, but four PCI-E x16 graphics cards, but again no details were divulged on which multi-GPU graphics technology Skulltrail will use.

News source: DailyTech (via Clubic)

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And vice-versa.

I have a keyboard 'designed' by BMW
Ferrari has a line of laptops.
Ford and Microsoft are business partners.

Apple, Dell... they are all builders. SkullTrail will be the FIRST 8 Core platform for the DIY user. For the first time you will be able to build your own 8 Core computer... This is what it mean.
Intel didn't tell about the chipset / socket, but it's more likely that if Intel want to compete the AMD's QuadFX they need to make it working with regular DDR2 Ram and not FB-DIMM that cost a fortune.

Well, since November at least. It still goes to prove my point that this article was wrong about the Skulltrail platform being the first 8-core Intel system.

I think they meant the PC, you cant really say Intel Enthusiast and Mac in the same sentence. Mac Enthusiasts dont care whats inside as long as it has an Apple logo on the outside.

Bosaka said,
I think they meant the PC, you cant really say Intel Enthusiast and Mac in the same sentence.

Why not? The CPU is by Intel, the chipset is by Intel, even the firmware is by Intel (the first major company to use EFI). How is a Mac Pro NOT an Intel Enthusiast's wet dream?

Why do people always do that? Assume that just because it has an Apple logo on it, it must be something completely different and foreign.

Macs now are simply PCs with designer cases and a different operating system.
Want to run Windows? Fine! You don't even need Apple's stupid Boot Camp program. rEFIt is a great bootloader. Just put in the Windows CD, boot, and install.
Want to run Linux? Repeat above step with your distro of choice.

An Intel enthusiast would LOVE a Mac Pro just as much as a Mac enthusiast would.

I've been driving the V8 for awhile now and it rocks. It is possible for them to use Bearlake or 975X chipsets to drive dual Xeons, asus did it with the 875 chipset on the PC-DL. The problem with that is they would lose the Dual Independant Frontside Bus and Quad Channel memory that the 5000X chipset has. 5000X can also support multiple GPUs except for the fact neither AMD or Nvidia support it in drivers. Who knows what they will use at this point.