Skype Beta 2.2 for Windows Mobile now supports Smartphones

Cellular users with generous data plans now have another way to make calls. In a move sure to have cellular providers slapping fine print onto their data-plan contracts faster than you can say "unlimited usage", the Skype Group has enabled Windows Mobile Smartphone support in the latest beta release of their self-titled application.

Skype has made a name for itself recently for allowing free outbound calls from Skype users to landlines in North America - an offer which expires at the end of the 2006 calendar year. While there might only be less than twenty days remaining in that time period, cellular subscribers with a Smartphone and data plan can now get on board and merrily decimate their monthly bandwidth allotment making calls through Skype's VoIP (Voice over IP) system.

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I have the cingular 8125 (Wizard) and I am loving it. I just installed the latest voice command from Microsoft. I also over clocked it and intalled a bunch of registry settings to make it better.

If only cingular had a resonable data plan I would gladly get it

What registry settings do you use?

I know about OMAP to overclock - but i shy away on my phone - i dont want her to burn out too young. I'd be terribly greatful for your other tweaks though...

Since i'm so late to reply you will probably never see it, but the HTC Wizard IS officially supported by the 2.2 release! I have it installed and it runs a lot better on the standard clock (i don't overclock) though i have yet to test it in call...

You should recognize the Wizard on this page...

Also, according to their system requirements the standard clock is now supported!

The minimum requirements to run Skype 2.2 for Pocket PC are:
● OS: Microsoft Pocket PC 2003, Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition (SE) or Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
● Display: 240x320, 320x240, 480x640, 640x480, 240x240, 480x480
● CPU: 195Mhz OMAP, 312Mhz Intel or 400Mhz Samsung
● Network: Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE

I've been trying the previous version of Skype on my smartphone and it simply hasn't been feasible. High latency, dropped connections, it's not quite there yet.

I'm with Verizon Wireless.