Skype comes to Xbox One, allows for in-content calling

At Microsoft's Xbox One event today, they showed off the new Skype integration that is coming to the new console that will complete Microsoft's Skype offering by allowing access in every room of the house.

Skype will integrate natively to the Xbox One, which is no surprise, and you will be able to control the service with your voice, including answering incoming calls. 

For Microsoft, this will be a great way for the company to get Skype into the living-room and on to the biggest screen in your house. With Skype coming to the Xbox platform, Microsoft's consumer VOIP service is now fully integrated into Microsoft's wide range of products and services.

Source: Xbox Reveal Live Stream

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My girl is dead wanting the xbox1 when she saw the tv connectivity. I think she was way more excited about the Xbox than I was. Well I'm definitely get this

Looks like I'll be buying 4 of them for my family to keep in contact and play together. Everyone gets an XBox for Christmas!

I wonder if this will replace Xbox Parties? Feature wise advantage over parties would be the ability to speak to contacts not even on the xbox, video chat and synchronization with other devices. Skype your friends phone while your playing a game, get him to join, accept the game invite from the phone(maybe) and the xbox powers up automatically and launches the game and joins in.

Edited by Gaffney, May 21 2013, 6:18pm :

This is exactly what I told my mate yesterday - while I'm traditionally more a Sony man myself, being able to speak to people who are playing Xbawks and vice versa is actually pretty cool.

Especially considering we use Skype at work, and I have to be around nearly constantly (while awake ) to answer questions from our team - it'd be nice to be able to answer that while playing console games.

Probably, but who cares at this point. The new 1080p camera in Kinect 2 is STUNNING and will be awesome for Skype now.

Andrea Barbera said,
Pretty sure that the crappy camera in the current Kinect is what is holding back Skype from the Xbox 360.

I think multitasking is what's holding it back as well. On the XB1 you don't have to leave your game completely to answer that call now. On the 360 if I was gaming and wanted to answer that call i'd have to save and fully quit my game itself and go back to the dashboard and then into Skype etc. It's just not smooth.