Skype for Android updated to 4.4; brings new UI design to tablets

Hot on the heels of Microsoft updating its iOS app for Skype to include a new iOS 7 interface, a new version of the Android app is now available for download that will bring a new interface for Android-based tablets.

Microsoft previously released a new look for the Android Skype app in July that made the UI look more like the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions. Today's new 4.4 version release extends that new look to the many Android tablets out in the marketplace, including the upcoming Kindle Fire HDX products from Amazon.

The official Skype blog states:

Tablet users will now see a new interface that puts conversations first, displaying your most recent calls and chats. You will also enjoy all the quality and performance advancements that the total rewrite of version 4.0 brought to phone users.

The new 4.4 Android version also brings some improvements in Skype video chat, which the Skype team claims will give users up to four times the video resolution compared to older versions of the app. The update also has a number of bug fixes and improvements, including full support for the TalkBack screen reader, some changes to audio routing, some display and interface improvements when a device switches its orientation, and some fixes for incoming call bugs, including one that was causing some Android phones to reboot.

Source: Skype | Image via Skype

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seta-san said,
i don't really get why microsoft is updating software for an ungrateful crappy company like google.

By putting their services on different OSs, they're not penalising the non- 100% Windows users that want to use them. It's great, and nothing like Apple. Have you ever bought anything from iTunes or used FaceTime on Windows Phone or Android?

seta-san said,
i don't really get why microsoft is updating software for an ungrateful crappy company like google.

they may, just may, be doing this to accommodate the millions of skype users with android phones, and not to be nice to google.

but hey what do i know?

SK[ said,]Cause unlike Google they are thinking about the end users.

And because most of those end users also happen to be on rival platforms.