Skype for iPhone coming this Tuesday

It's been a long time coming, but according to CrunchGear, Skype is finally coming to iPhone for the ever low price of free. There have been many rumors abound lately about whether or not the service is coming, but now that it's official, it means you can make free VoIP calls via the WiFi feature of the iPhone.

As mentioned, the application will show up in the App Store on Tuesday for free, and will have a range of feature. Firstly and obviously, you will be able to make free phone calls to other Skype users if you own an iPhone are in range of a Wireless network; not only this, but you will be able to use the chat features in Skype, utilizing Apple's built in touch keyboard. A rather handy feature is that when run, the Skype application will scan your current contact list and it will be able to detect who is running Skype or not, providing you a handy list of people you can already call.

This will be great to international users of the iPhone looking to communicate cheaply with one-another, so it is expected to be extremely popular. The Skype application has already begun to show up in the App Store in certain countries, but for the majority, expect to see it tomorrow.

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Haven't gotten the microphone for my iPod Touch yet, but I did download Skype for it and so far it works quite well. I only wish that it could be run in the background so I could use the iPod Touch for other things until a call or chat message comes in. Hopefully the software update coming up in the summer will allow for this... (keeping fingers crossed).

What are you using. Touch 2g or Iphone? Cause I know skype runs into a few difficulties with a jailbroken Device. Luckily there are already a few updates that can alleviate the pains of crashing.


Yeah, Not showing up on the Canadian Store. So, I had to download it from other sources... Its free so it doesn't matter ;)


for jailbroken phones you guys might wanna update your phones on cyda.. it seems to be fixing the problem.
edit: the app is already here in australia, it was up at like 9.30 when I checked this moring for it.

I'm hearing a lot of crash reports, not only from Neowin Perhaps they should have optimized it and waited until iPhone OS 3.0?

Looks like I picked up an iPod Touch at just the right time. Just need to get that headphone with built-in microphone and I'll be all set.