Skype for iPhone picks up group calling feature


Today, Microsoft released a great new feature to its iPhone version of Skype.  The new feature introduces the ability to connect as many as four Skype contacts within the same voice call, making the app more viable as a be-all communications application that spans multiple platforms.  It's important to point out that, as mentioned in the Skype blog, four callers within the same voice call is only a starting point in terms of maximum callers allowed within the same conversation.  Skype engineers have alluded to the possibility of increasing the number of in-call participants beyond the initial four.

The feature has come about through the shared ideas community known as the iOS Ideas group within the Skype forums.  Much like the Windows Phone requested features forum, users can share and vote on their most-wanted feature add-ons through app updates in future builds.  Microsoft continues to support Skype on competing platforms, aiming to make it the best available option no matter what mobile platform you choose to use in your daily life.  If you haven’t received an automatic update already on your compatible iPhone device, head to the App Store.  It's important to note that this update is currently available to iOS 7 or newer users at this time.

Source: Skype Blog

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Ahh new iPhone's a 5s A1533 unfortunately :/

The problem is that the new iOS 8 requires having your UDID added to an Apple Developer's device list or else you can't activate it.

I still can't send an SMS to mobile phones listed under a Skype contact unless I create a separate contact for each phone. Lame. I could do it on the old iOS app.

Last I checked, I couldn't send a photo from my phone to someone on the Windows 8 modern app either. Maybe that's fixed now, I gave up on Skype a long time ago.