Skype for Metro image leaks

We know what your'e thinking, we know Metro is dead and it is know called Modern UI but Metro sounds so much better. Anyways, Neowin has been sent an image of Skype for the modern UI and this is our first look at Microsoft's redesign for Skype. 

While we don't have much to go on other than the image we see above, we can tell that progress is coming along to bring Skype up to parity with the Modern UI. The layout, as you would expect, is finger friendly and is much flatter compared to the current Skype layout. You can see at the top of the image that the application is in the Preview state; this aligns to how Microsoft shipped out early Modern UI apps with Preview builds of Windows 8.

We don't have any more information about the platform or when it will be released but we are working to acquire more information. But, given where the application came from, we would suspect that it should be here sooner, rather than later.

Thanks for the tip Anon!

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Microsoft should call the user interface "Modern Blocks" since all I see is them changing the UI into blocks and more blocks stacking up with a background and a back button with text on the top. =D

We know what your'e thinking, we know Metro is dead and it is know called Modern UI but Metro sounds so much better.

I think Modern UI makes much more sense than Metro UI. In any case we should really be saying Skype for WinRT since just saying modern or Metro style doesn't indicate whether it's for the desktop web or anything else.

I haven't been a HUGE fan of the Metro/ModernUI (or whatever the hell it's called this week), but I never flat out hated it. However I cannot deny that Skype done with Metro/ModernUI is absolutely sexy. I am loving the look of it!

Dot Matrix said,
The regular Skype desktop app needs redesigned and re-coded badly. Hopefully, they working on unifying the two.

Yes, but does the current desktop (Legacy) version work in Windows 8?

Shadowzz said,

I've had Skype since DP came out, havent noticed any issues myself tho

Skype didn't even install for many after the RP came out. Took an update to resolve that issue.

DarrenR said,
well i wont be using metro skype, looks uneasy

I think it would work well for a tablet device, for us PC users the desktop version isn't going anywhere.

sanke1 said,
Makes me wonder, if this whole ModernUI, tiles thing is appropriate in terms of usability when contact list is endless?

Look up "semantic zoom"

siah1214 said,

Look up "semantic zoom"

That would require the app to support grouping of contacts, doesn't it?