Skype for Windows 8 updated with HD video support

A month ago, the Skype app for Windows 8 was updated with new support for video messaging. Today, Microsoft issued yet another update for the Windows 8 Skype app that also involves new video features.

As posted on the official Skype blog, the Windows 8 app now allows users to view and send HD video under certain circumstances. The blog states:

Depending on the sender’s camera, available network bandwidth and the receiver’s setup on x86 devices, callers may be able to send 720p video and receive 1080p video, thereby improving the overall quality and performance of the video call.

The latest update, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store, also brings improvements to the recently added video messaging features. Specifically, the stability of using this particular feature has been improved and it's also easier to find those video messages thanks to better notification support.

Finally, as with any application update, bug fixes have also been added, including fixing crashes when reconnecting on a call or clicking on a notification, along with fixing issues related to transferring files from the app. However, there are still two known problems with the video messaging support; not being able to see messages in the app's chat history and having the thumbnail video redirect "to record flow instead of playback when cache has been cleared."

Source: Skype blog | Image via Microsoft

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Facetime was/is/already vastly superior in video quality against any other mainstream video chat service and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

To be one time facetime only worked on WiFi. Also facetime is limited to IOS. Skype supports a multitude of devices and also varying bandwidths. That needs to be factored into your statements.

I can't even use the Metro version because of the way it merged my two accounts. The only contacts that show up are from my lesser used account and I haven't found a way to change that. And I had to uninstall the desktop version because it was causing my system to hang (Windows 8). That's ignoring the actual issues, like messages getting "stuck" and taking forever to get through. Nowadays I just use Facebook chat and don't bother with video much.

Skype team is too slow. With this rate, Google Hangout will win all the market share. And the history repeats itself.

I think they're targeting different markets, but I get your point.
Is there a non-browser based mobile version of Google Hangout on any platform?

Skype 1.8 Modern app is an entirely new UI, Makes total sense for Touch(even Mouse). Skype for Windows Desktop 6.3 UI has had an updated look&feel for Windows8(and soon 8.1). So I don't get your Point

artfuldodga said,
Makes total sense for Touch(even Mouse).

Let's not forget the part of the UI that has a "Sign Out" option that only informs you that you cannot sign out of a Microsoft account-linked Skype account. The only way to sign out and prevent people from calling you is to uninstall the app. Hardly makes sense.

Modern Skype is meant to be Always-on in Windows8(8.1), If you're not into the 'always on' aspect then go to the in app Settings and disable Run in Background and Lockscreen options and even Notifications if they annoy you.

And there you go, close the App and its all taken care of. If you're on Desktop or Laptop I do suggest you use Skype for Windows Desktop, Tablet? Use Modern Skype but use whichever you like really choice is great

It didn't already support HD video? What have they been doing?

And they need to really overhaul their whole desktop program. It's so horrible and doesn't follow Microsoft's design guidelines. It also does not scale properly on high DPI displays. My contact list is almost unreadably small on my 1920x1080 11.6" screen. I can't imagine what it'll look like on the new 2560x1440 11" screens.