Skype for Windows Phone updated to include People Hub integration, HD video calling

Skype for Windows Phone has received an update today that bumps the version to and includes a number of cool features. For starters, People Hub integration is back in the application, after it disappeared from the app back in January due to instabilities that the feature was causing. Other features include high definition video calling support, the ability to use both the front and rear camera of your smartphone for calls, and support for portrait or landscape video calls.

Naturally all of these are welcome improvements to the app for Windows Phone, however as WPCentral notes the app still lags behind the latest version for iOS in terms of features (for example there's no video messaging), despite the fact that Skype is owned by Microsoft. Regardless, if you happen to have a Windows Phone, head to the Store right now and an update to Skype should be awaiting your download.

Source: Windows Phone Store via: WPCentral

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I'm still having People Hub issues. Random Skype-only contacts for people, even though on my W8 laptop, they've been linked with outlook contacts. I can then manually link them in WP8, but Skype still shows them as separate contacts.

sadly this stupid company doesn't do global apps... Skype is not available in my market.. but it is for iOS and android, just not for WP.

wait a while, it takes time to come to other markets, ive had that happen to me before where the app would be announced on neowin, wpcentral etc and I wouldn't see it until later that day. its not US only because im in Australia and I just updated

Damn. Got to upgrade my L800 but I'm still waiting for the L928 (no idea what it would be called in the EU) to show up.

While the L800 works perfectly the new WP8 has much more better integration of apps.

its just the verizon version of that phone. you will not get it. thats because AT&T have lumia 920 exclusive i think. just buy the 920 and be happy

alwaysonacoffebreak said,
Well I was more thinking about the "looks" of the model. Since it's more or less an 920 with a new casing and some spec changes.

Supposedly there is a global version of such device called Catwalk. It is a rumor but....