Skype in MySpace hook-up

MySpace has agreed to let eBay's IP telephony damp squib Skype plaster its pages with click-to-call buttons. The two companies are toiling to continue their membership growth after topping the hype curve in 2005. To use the buttons, people will need both a MySpace and a Skype account, so they should both suck in a few more. MySpace already has its own instant messenger, installed by 25 million members, and the deal will see the Skype voice network integrated into the same package.

Skype's paid-for services like SkypeIn, SkypeOut, and voicemail will be part of the tie-up, with the normal charges applying. Revenue will be shared with MySpace in an undisclosed carve-up. MySpace claims the buttons won't lead to a rash of unsolicited calling to go with its spam problems. Users who set their profile to private will only be Skype-able by their friends. Most MySpace profiles aren't private, however.

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News source: The Reg

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I dont like myspace anymore.. it's filled with spam members, porn members, who have like 50,000+ guy friends and the whole layout just seems like it's slabbed together too quick...

down with myspace, up with facebook