Skype launches home phone adapter

Skype has been branching out beyond its regular PC Internet phone service for a while now. This week the company announced a new way for its users to access their Skype account via their home landline phone. The Freetalk Connnect Me Home Phone Adapter is now on sale at Skype's web site.  The adapter will allow a landline phone to dial any Skype phone number for free. Regular landline and mobile phone numbers will still cost a fee to dial up via the home phone adapter.

The adapter will still need a PC for its initial set up. After that, the user just needs his or her home phone and an Internet broadband connection to dial any phone number. The adapter also stores up to 100 phone numbers or Skype contacts to make dialing quicker. Skype offers the adapter with some nice bundle deals. You can get the hardware with 60 free minutes to landlines and mobiles in the US for $39.99. You can also get the adapter with 12 free months of landline and mobile calls to the US and Canada and 200 free international minutes for $59.99. That same price will also get you the adapter with three months of free calls to the US, Canada and 40 other countries. The adapter still allows the phone to call from a more traditional landline connection.

Skype also announced this week a new handset called the GE Digital Cordless Expandable Telephone. It's just the latest in telephone headsets that have been released with Skype dialing features.

Image via Skype

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Call me weirdly old fashioned, but I don't want VoIP for my phone. I don't want Skype to be my primary phone, that I use to call my grandma who can't hear that well. I want my Rounds video chat on Facebook to be for playing games ( ) and not like, integrated with my phone somehow. I feel like the world is thisclose to consolidating EVERYTHING.

seems like they combined the idea from magicjack and voip server into a simpler package for normal people. 59.99 for hardware and 1 year of service is a pretty good deal.

I always wanted the Philips landline phone that had Windows Live messenger on it, with the ability to voice-call them. I wonder if there's anything similar. Though, I guess no need now mobiles just connect via WiFi