Skype Launches Online Store

Apparently Skype has today to launch their online store, featuring all the VoIP equipment you could want. I honestly don't know a single person who knows and uses Skype but doesn't have all the equipment they need. Nevertheless, the Skype Group, acquired by eBay in October 2005, is offering a bunch of discounts on their products in order to celebrate the launch. The site has nine categories: Skype Phones, Skype Headsets, Skype WebCams, Skype Starter Kit, Accessories, Small Business, Mac compatible and Best sellers. The link below will take you to the local version of the shop. Currently, the North American shop redirects here and then here, which presents you with a beautiful 404. I expect they'll fix the issue soon enough.

View: Skype Shop | Choose a Country
News source: Gizmodo

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This has been up for about two years so far, for the US

You can also buy skype-compatible equipment, including "skype-certified" from other sources, and get a better deal.


VTech USB7100 is JUNK!

NO vista support what so ever.. VTech says its skypes problem, Skype says its VTech's problem. Sound quality is horrid (not just the phones problem - but probably related)

Either way I am not satisfied with this, nor their service...

calls drop off, sounds are mechanized... I have an MCE setup as a skype sever with 1.2MB/s downstream and 125kb/s upstream on a plenty fast system and still sounds like crap when its idling.

Stay away.. Save your money from their shop and get vonage or some reliable company that uses telephone demodulators rather than a ****ty USB setup. the extra few bucks for a local number and high quality audio is worth it.

Yep, I bought something from the Skype shop about two weeks ago! Maybe it was open in the UK for a while, but not globally..