Skype now available worldwide for users, adds HD video calls

Nearly seven months after Microsoft first added Skype integration into for U.S. residents, the company is now allowing users of the email service worldwide to access the Skype messaging and call features.

In a post on the Skype blog, Microsoft states that in addition to opening up Skype to all users, it has added some improvements since it was first released in August 2013. One of them is full HD video calls, if users at both ends of the chat have HD compatible displays and webcams. Microsoft has also included a plugin for Mac users who access their emails via the Safari web browser to use the Skype features.

Finally, the blog says that the Skype team has fixed a bug that was causing calls for some users to keep ringing after they were answered when the plugin and the Skype desktop app were both running at the same time.

Microsoft recently celebrated the first year anniversary of's official launch but the company has not offered any information on how many users it has signed up since May 2013, when it reported that had 400 million accounts.

Source: Skype blog | Image via Microsoft

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The title should be "Skype adds HD calls and is now available worldwide for users", as currently the lead is buried. Most people will not be using Skype through

gawicks said,
Actually the lead is the it's available worldwide. Earlier the rest of the world got nothing HD or otherwise.

The impression I got was that HD calling was not available before, either in the main client or through, and that it has now been added. If it's just that it's been added for then that's different.

gawicks said,
Yeah, Skype HD calls were available for quite sometime.

Ah, I was aware that Skype had 720p support but didn't know that it had been updated to support 1080p. Last time I checked 1080p was only available on certain Logitech devices because of an exclusivity agreement.

aviator189 said,

you can't install plug-ins on chromebooks?

plugin is in .msi package. I am pretty sure chromebook is not capable of running .exe or .msi. they might have mac .dmg format. not the chromebook though. the only plugins you can install in chromebook are chrome's plugin, some crappy games and thats it.

aviator189 said,

can't you just use the skype app for RT, then?

Perhaps. But was drawing attention to the situation has boxed itself in to. If ARM took off as a viable alternative to X86 on the desktop Windows RT is a rubbish product to lead such a campaign.